Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crustless Apple Crumb Pie

I had great big plans for today – I was going to finally start my running routine! I might as well reveal that I’d originally planned this blog to be a baking and running blog. The other part of the goal was to run a marathon in two years. Or at least a 20k. Plus, it’d really help me balance out the extra calories I’d be eating with all the pie baking. (As it turns out, I’ve not been eating too much of my own pies, and I’ve been compensating for the calories by eating less normal food…). But I haven’t been able to muster up the motivation to go running for a long, long time. Not until I set up a specific plan, got a friend to join, and set a date – that is, today.

But of all the days of the year, a major typhoon chose to pass through the peninsula today; we thought that was a pretty good reason not to do any outdoor activities. Since I was already up to monitor the weather, and she had requested an apple pie, preferably with crumbles, some time ago, I thought, why not make a morning pie?

Obviously, there was no time to make a crust-ful pie by lunchtime, so it would have to be the crustless apple crumb pie. Preparing the apples and making the crumble only took about two hours. (Compared to the other pies I’ve made, that’s lightning speed!)

The “crumbs”: walnuts, cinnamon, light brown sugar, regular sugar, a pinch of salt. The unpictured ingredients include flour, melted butter, and vanilla.

Transformation is a hazy process.

Yurmmy. Though I have to say, the crumble looked like the sausages on pizza, and not as visually appetizing as they actually were!

Curious Doe.

My friend and I ate the entire pie at a coffee shop, while the typhoon raged outside. It felt quite cozy on the inside, looking out. Hehe. By the time we left, natural light had long since vanished and the storm had completely morphed into nothing more than a barely perceptible spritz. We had talked the day away. I don’t think I’ve talked for so long since the last time my sister visited. And I don’t think I’ve disagreed with someone (or been disagreed with so thoughtfully) in a very, very long time (perhaps ever). I think the only thing we agreed on was that the pie was quite good. And to try to jump start the running routine tomorrow!


  1. So who was this person who dared to disagree with you?

  2. Oh, the clues are all there; you should be able to figure it out!